Organizing for kids? 8 ways to involve the kiddos

Checkout these simple tips:

1.    Assign chores- Chores that require our kids to sort like clothing (laundry or cleaning out their closet), putting away groceries etc. this will help them to list and place things in categories. 
2.    Homework- yes homework. Setting a specific time for homework will help kids learn the importance of time,?deadlines, and consistency.
3.    Planner?- Yup, you can introduce planners to you kiddos. My oldest daughter had her first planner at 6 years old. I worked for Designers Guild which is a London based design company that did stationery product. (I love stationery) We would sit and write all her activities, chores, and wish list items in her planner. *Tip( get stickers relatable to items on their calendar and list) Make sure their calendar reflects the family calendar as well- this way everyone is on the same page.
4.    Book bag organizing - how many times have you went in your kids book bag only to find important notes from school, a smushed sandwich etc.? Yeah we relate. Have your kids empty their book bags when they get home everyday. This way whatever is out of place can be but in its proper place. Pencils & pens in its case. Notes given to mom and dad. That smushed sandwich in the trash. Book bag is now cleaned and kids learn to keep their bag organized and ready for the next day.
5.    A day of errands- as parents we usually like to use errand day as 'time alone' however this is the perfect time to show your kids a To Do List/Check List in action. As each errand is completed allow your child to check or scratch them off the list. Give your child a job title ex. the list leader. Help them read off the list.
6.    Cook together- A family that cooks together has fun together! This is an opportunity for your kiddos to learn how to measure, organize, and do things step by step and timing. Plus they will be super excited about the meal they prepared.
7.    Clean their rooms- by far the most difficult task there is. We as adults can feel anxiety and overwhelmed with such a task when we allowed our room to get out of control. Try creating a game with this task. Each kid can be responsible for collecting certain items, such as all the books and placing them on the bookshelf while doing so have them count to 100 to see how quickly they can complete it neatly, while the other kid can be in charge of gathering all the toys and counting to see how many toys there is. Kids love games.
8.    Eat, Bath, Bed!- We call it EBB set a specific time for dinner, bath and bed. Following this routine everyday can help create good habits for kids. When kids have order they tend to have less of an idle mind.
Always remember to be supportive and excited when they complete task. By acknowledging their glories and not so glorious efforts can help them build self esteem, leadership skills as well as develop socially. 

Blogged by Lanise Herman- Thomas

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