Can’t knock the hustle…Mixtape

We hustle like we have a hot mix tape…We’re sure you have ran across that confident artist on street selling his/her mixtape, in the mall (or local shopping area), on the trains, outside of restaurants, etc. you get the picture. Not only are they confident, they are persistent, and they have their elevator pitch tight and together, and can spit it at you in the blink of an eye. Some of their pitches are convincing enough to produce sales… while most are not producing too much of anything. Yet, that doesn’t deter them from trying anyway. They are determining to win; their hustle is on another level. The work they put in is not just amazing it is admirable!

We’ve learned valuable work ethics from the mixtape movers, such as: Determination: Make no excuses, rain, sleet, or snow, be ready to wok; Confidence: Believe in your product/service so much that nothing or no one discourages you from your goal; and never knock a person’s hustle: There are plenty of millionaires that started out selling their music out of the trunk of their cars.

Hustle is a mindset! In order to be a successful entrepreneur you have to be willing to hustle, so adopting a no gain/no pain mentality early on will help you reach insurmountable goals. Most entrepreneurs wear many hats. I know we did. We did everything from literally handing out flyers door to door, car to car, person to person, to bookkeeping, answering phones, creating and maintaining our own static website. We did it all. We spent countless hours, which included plenty of really late nights and early mornings developing our organization. All while being moms and wives. We were not afraid to hustle. Our desire to be more and do more drove us…it fueled the hustlers that was within us. However, as we progressed in business our hustler mentality developed and became resourceful and innovative. Our hustle got wiser and smarter.

There is a rule book we play by to keep our hustle oiled and hydrated: Do Not Compare: Never compare your level of success to anyone else level of success. It will drive you crazy. Everyone has their own journey. Go at your own pace, have your own story to tell when you reach the top. Stay Persistent: No matter what happens or what’s going on around you, stay solid, stay committed to your vision and goals. You owe it to yourself to be dedicated to your aspirations.

Spend Creative Thinking Time: Creativity will drive you straight to the top. Let your mind be free to wander. Find inspiration in things, people, places, and names. Thinking helps you to be innovative and resourceful. It allows you to tap into subconscious areas of inventiveness.

Network: Meet lots of people, successful people, or likeminded people. People are tools, you need a network to build your networth. Collaborate. Volunteer. Team-up. Always meet people share your direction and your story. Also see how your business or expertise can be of assistance to their business.

Self-Educate: Read lots of book, read about other entrepreneurs, and read about what’s going on in your industry. Attend seminars and conferences in your area of business. Join webinars. Do lots of research on your field of interest.

Enjoy Life: Do lots of fun stuff. Spend time with your family. Give time to yourself and enjoy doing something your love to do.

Congratulate: Congratulate others on their accomplishments, but more importantly congratulate yourself. Take notes of your accomplishments. Build your celebration story.

Take Reset Vacations: Go on vacation and give your mind rest. You cannot properly make good decisions or tap into your creativeness if your brain is fried and overloaded. So give your brain a break and allow it to reset. You can do anything you put your mind to…hustle is a mindset, develop a hustlers mentality. Be ready and willing to do what it takes to make your dreams come true!

Blogged by Janine Smalls-Gueye

Janine Smalls