5 Reasons Why We Became Entrepreneurs

Has your heart ever screamed "SET ME FREE!!" Many of us recognized our entrepreneurial calling as children. We sold cakes, candies, had lemonade stands, or even tried selling old toys. We have been deterred from our "Calling" due to lack of knowledge and influence of traditional behaviors. Learning how to work and pay bills like our parents did. When we think about it, we can't say we ever witnessed joy in our parents faces when they came home from work. Have you? For most of you, I'm guessing the answer is no. This made us think you have two choices in life, either you become an entrepreneur or you work for one! 

5 reasons why we chose to become entrepreneurs:

  1. Freedom: Do you love the job you do? Entrepreneurship is liberating. It gives you the freedom to create your dream job or jobs. You are free to be yourself. So many of us take jobs or have careers that we absolutely dislike. Our creative ideas are restricted or even ignored, and those undesirable bosses and co-workers that you have to work with and do so with a smile. But not as an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to be as creative as you like. The great ideas that had you bursting at your seams will no longer be restricted or ignored. You now get to choose who you want to work with, and the best part, you report to yourself. No more worries about fitting into someone else's rules, regulations, and policies. You now get to create your own, and most important do what it is you love to do!
  2. Work Flexibility: Everyday isn't the same, come on now we have 7 days in a week and each day is different right? Our day to day like is completely unpredictable that's why work flexibility is priority. It's important for any individual, but much more so for a wife and mom, who is pursuing her career in entrepreneurship. Having the ability to design your own daily schedule according to your lifestyle is invigorating. It is also necessary to juggle daily task and any changes that may occur. You can have your "To do list" mapped out then all of a sudden one of your kids catches a cold or you need to attend a class trip etc. 
  3. Mobility: You now get to work from any area of the world you choose. How many times you just needed to vacate but couldn't because your vacation days were not available? Now you can be in Rome working on a project while getting to make lasting experiences. You can sit in the park and enjoy nature while drawing up a contract, without having to watch the clock. Or just sit in your robe and pj's in your home office and get work work done. You are free to work from wherever you like. 
  4. Limitless Opportunities: How many times does the average working person get a raise or bonus for their hard work? The answer is not as often as they should. When your own boss you don't need the union to negotiate your salary or upper-management to determine whether or not you're worthy of a raise or bonus. You get to schedule as many trainings and workshops needed to help you advance your business. You get to partner and network with whoever you like to benefit your company. There is no one or nothing that regulates you. It's up to you to go out and earn as much as you like and that's the glory of entrepreneurship. 
  5. Creating a legacy: The ultimate goal is to leave behind a brand that will benefit your family for generations. Look at Hoover, Perdue, Johnson & Johnson, and Michael Jordan. Those brands are well known and have been and will be around for lifetimes. Work diligently and plan smart so that you to leave a personal legacy. As entrepreneurs building our families legacy motivates us to work that much harder. 
Janine Smalls