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Girls Best Pen

Write your book, sign your autograph, send a handwritten note, no matter what your writing do it with this fashionable LARGE DIAMOND TOP pen!

Accountability Plan

This Accountability Plan will: Help you get specific with your goals, Show you how to choose an Accountability Partner, Teach you how to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE , and Provide a checklist for your accomplished goals.

Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. Mug

That's You…Daily reminder of who you are! An amazing Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. Drink your favorite beverage in our Daily Reminder Mug.

Wife.Mom.Entrepreneur. Book

Wife.Mom.Entrepreneur. – 23 Tips and Lessons to Juggling It All is your reference guide to the tried-and-true juggling act to financial wealth-building while being a wife, mom, and entrepreneur.

Signature Resources

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Accountability Sessions


The Tutors

We're excited to unveil Accountability Sessions with The Tutors, Lanise & Janine. We are introducing a brand-new service  made especially for the women who are looking for serious accountability! After much trial and error while building a six figure non-grant funded organization; coaching men and women in their entrepreneurial start up phase; and, developing personal accountability plans for individuals and entrepreneurs,  

we have learned that having an amazing accountability partner makes all the difference when your serious about elevating in ones personal, professional, and entrepreneurial goals. We've created a new monthly accountability program to personally hold you to your goal. You will have access to our private online  group community via Facebook. The beauty of Group Accountability Sessions is it allows you to share resources, gain multiple perspectives, have access to action plans, group challenges and a 24/7 Q & A platform.


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The time is now

Stop procrastinating and start living the life that was intended for you to live. Don't waste the gifts God gave you. We will hold you accountable to live on purpose, with purpose!
Our next group starts March 1st, 2017. Enroll now!

group sessions

Our Accountability Group will change the way you do things. Whether your goal is to be more active, start that business, establish partnerships, self care, etc. the WME Community will hold you accountable!  In group sessions you will be surrounded by positive, aspiring women who will support you along the way.  Group sessions will have a rolling calendar 1st - 30th ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Group Accountability Sessions with The Tutors includes: 

  • Live group session ( Replay Access)
  • Accountability Plan
  • Weekly Action Steps
  • Weekly Meets
  • Challenges
  • Private Facebook Community for Accountability 

One on one

Get an hour of private one-on-one time with The Tutors per month. You get all the group benefits plus private time.
 One on One Accountability Sessions with The Tutors includes: 

  • Live One on One session (Replay Access)
  • Accountability Plan
  • Weekly Action Steps
  • Challenges
  • Weekly Meets
  • Copy of Book (Wife Mom Entrepreneur 23 Tips And Lessons To Juggling It All)
  • The W.M.E. Note Book (For Your Ideas, brain dumps etc)
  • 1 Hour Monthly Private One on One with The Tutors (Lanise & Janine)
  • Private Facebook Community for Accountability

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